Blog posts, articles, brochure copy, helpful pamphlets – external or internal – if it’s got words in, we can help! Already have some text but need a second or third eye to proof read and polish for the big wide world? We can help with that too.

Good copy is incredibly important. It’s not just ensuring the content is informative, but that it is interesting and engaging. Good content shows off your brand – it gives a company a voice. Literally.

Good copy, filled with interesting bits and pieces is great, but is not helpful if no one reads it. When we write copy, we take SEO into account and ensure the correct phrases and words (along with the technical magic in the background to give it that edge) are present to allow search engines to correctly index your thoughts, ideas and, ultimately, your business.

It’s important to not go OTT on cramming in key words and buzz-phrases. Taking that little bit of extra care and coming up with a great idea and really good content will naturally tick all the right boxes. There are some golden rules when writing content, but they are by no means set in stone. Every different industry sector is different – different target markets will respond in very different ways. A mum of 40 wanting to know childcare tips is likely to interact and search out different content styles and sources than an 18 year old young man wanting to know about cars. That’s why we like to spend a little time talking to you about your business and customers, along with what message you want to get across.

We can also help get your message out there. By researching and providing links back to your own content and spreading your word out to the correct people will ensure that the world hears about what you have to offer, whilst building your credibility with search engines and other on-line users.

Unsure – get in contact and we can help you decide what’s best for you.